Los Angeles City Travel Guide 2020

Los Angeles City Travel Guide 2020

Los Angeles is the city in California of the United States of America. Popularly known by its initials LA, it is the second-most populous city in the USA. It is also known as the home of the US Film industry. Many of the celebrities from the US film industry or entertainment industry live here. So, founding a celebrity roaming in the city is pretty common here. If you are planning or you want to go to this city, and you are searching for any Ultimate 2020 Los Angeles Travel Guide on the internet then your search ends here. This guide will help you in booking your cheap flights to Los Angeles city to let you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Ultimate 2020 Los Angeles Travel Guide:


Geography of Los Angeles

The US City covers a total of 502.7 square miles, including 468.7 square miles of land and 34.0 square miles of water. Despite being home to flat terrains, Los Angeles also has its highest point 1,547 m above the ground level.

Attractions as Per the Los Angeles City Travel Guide

Attractions as per the Los Angeles City - Hollywood
  1. Universal Studios Hollywood

The theme park is widely known for its amazing rides and it offers a wide range of entertainment options to people of all age groups and preferences. You can enjoy the rides, dine at the best eateries, shop at plush boutiques and enjoy various recreational and seasonal activities at the park.

  • Hollywood Sign

The landmark and cultural icon, situated on the Mt. Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains, Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles is one of those attractions that you must not miss. Though it is protected by a high-end security system and blocked off by barriers, the 350 feet long landmark can be viewed from far-off places, making it easier for you to click pictures around it.

  • Hollywood Walk of fame

A mile-long stretch of sidewalk which has stars embedded on it depicting the names of more than 2500 celebrities, including renowned actors, singers, musicians, several other TV personalities. Every year, more than 10 million tourists visit here to witness the charm of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • Disneyland

A visit to Disneyland is one of the top things to do in Los Angeles as it is one of the most visited amusement parks in the world. This park offers a huge variety of rides depending on your interests, your physical state and capabilities. Many people roam around the park dressed as Disney characters to allow the child visitors to meet their favorite Disney characters. It is a package offering all types of entertainment to every kind of tourists.

  • The Griffith Observatory

The observatory in Los Angeles is situated on the slope of Mount Hollywood. The admission in the observatory is free since it has been inaugurated. The big observatory is a part in various Hollywood movies due to which it became a symbol of Los Angeles to the world.

  • Venice Beach

Venice beach gets millions of visitors annually. Also, it is known as the global tourist destination. Apart from the beach it also has an oceanfront walk, recreation centers, paddle tennis courts, dancing plaza and volleyball beach courts. This place is quite popular among the skateboarders and street performers.

Los Angeles City Travel Guide on Transportation:

Los Angeles City Travel Guide on Transportation

There are many modes in the city you can use to travel across the city.

  1. By Road

The Los Angeles city has a very extensive network of roads and highways. Interstate 5, Interstate 10, US Route 101 are the major highways of the city.

  • Metro Buses

Metro operates three types of buses in the city, in which Local buses frequently stop at the city stops (painted orange), rapid buses (painted red) halt less and have special sensors to keep the traffic signal green when a bus reaches a signal, and Express buses (painted blue) connects downtown and other business districts.

  • Metro Rail

The metro rail network in Los Angeles has many rail lines across the city. The city’s subway system is the ninth busiest in the country. In 2017, the LA country metro recorded more than 397 million passengers, including 285 million bus riders.

  • Downtown Area Short Hop (DASH)

A transit bus service operating in the Los Angeles city is the 2nd largest fleet in LA County. It offers comfortable and inexpensive bus rides to the passengers to 27 spots in the neighborhood of the city.

Ways to Reach Los Angeles from Any Other State:

Ways to reach Los Angeles from any other state

You can reach the city by road and by air. You can book your flights with any of the above airlines, or you can travel via a car as stated in this Los Angeles City Travel Guide. 

Airports in Los Angeles:

Airports in Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport is the main international and domestic airport in the city, which is referred with the code LAX. Apart from this major airport, there are also other major airports in the city, which are as below:

  1. Ontario International Airport (ONT)
  2. John Wayne Airport (SNA)
  3. Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR)
  4. Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Airlines That Fly to Los Angeles:

Airlines that fly to Los Angeles

If you want to fly to Hollywood city, then you can book your flight with these airlines. Some airlines offers deals on flight booking at some occasion like Delta, Jetblue. Contact Delta Airlines Reservations to book delta flight quickly.

  1. Jet Blue Airways
  2. Alaska Airlines
  3. Delta Air Lines
  4. American Airlines

The Climate of Los Angeles:

The climate of Los Angeles:

Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate where summer is hot and dry, and winters are wet and mild. In the second-most populous city, summer starts from June and ends in August. The temperature on an average in summer is around 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. Autumn season starts and ends from September to November. And where winter is from December to February, spring season starts from March and ends in May.

Best Time to Visit Los Angeles:

Best time to visit Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles tour Guide states that spring season from March to May is considered as the best season to visit the city. When the temperature is favorable for travelling, and air quality is also good at that time.

Sports in the city:

Sports in the city

Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Polo, Horse racing, Auto racing, and running are among the most popular sports that are played in the city.

Famous Sports Attractions in Los Angeles:

  • Dodgers Stadium: It is the common place for celebrities to enjoy a baseball match. It has a seating capacity of 56,000.
  • Staples Center: It is a multipurpose arena in Downtown Los Angeles where the annual Grammy Awards ceremony has been held 19 times. It is also the planned venue for the 2028 summer Olympics Basket Ball competition.
  • Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion: Commonly known as Pauley Pavilion is an indoor arena on the campus of UCLA, Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion is home to the UCLA Bruins men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Arts & Culture:

Arts & Culture in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is called the creative capital of the world. It is said that one in every six people here, work in any creative fields like film-making, singing, dancing, or painting. The city is home to various music companies and film studios. It is the host for Annual Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Grammy Awards, and also to the other award shows from the entertainment industry.

Also, there are 841 museums and art galleries in the city, which is much more than any other city in the USA.

Popular Festivals in LA

Popular Festivals in LA

AFI Fest: The American Film Institute’s festival is a free film festival. It screens 125 films every year, including galas, documentary and special screenings.

Hollywood Halloween Carnival:  Every year, the most unique Halloween gathering is organized in West Hollywood. It is a free carnival where everyone is invited, and kids can also attend this carnival where you will get to enjoy a lot of music.

Ultimate 2020 Los Angeles Travel Guide on Packing Essentials

Ultimate 2020 Los Angeles Travel Guide on Packing Essentials
  • Clothes: Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, shirts etc. are the essential clothing items you need to pack for your trip.
  • Medical Kit: Some of the emergency needs like cotton, band-aid, sanitizer and other medicines if you suffer any medical issues.
  • Camera: It is a mandatory thing to pack a camera with your other things for any travel or vacation to capture your memories.
  • Sunglasses: To protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, don’t forget to carry a pair of sunglasses with you.
  • Portable charger: To prevent your phone from dying, carry a portable charger to avoid any problem in case of an emergency.
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body lotion, hairbrush etc. are one of the basic things that people don’t carry with them, but they should avoid hygienic issues.

Things to Avoid Doing in The City

Things to avoid doing in the city

When there are many things in the city to enjoy, there are also some things that every visitor should avoid doing here.

  1. Don’t take a celebrity home tour: As the city has many celebrities residents, visitors you should avoid companies and vendors handing you brochures for guided or self-guided tours for celebrities homes. No celebrity has their doors open for the tourists and they also have large fences around their houses.
  2. Don’t depend on public transportation or taxis: Especially on buses, don’t stay dependent on them. In case, use Uber or Lyft instead, which are cheaper than the other taxis.
  3. Mispronouncing Rodeo:  Visiting the street is a good idea, but you should first learn to pronounce it the right way as Ro-day-oh Drive.
  4. Venice Beach on Weekends: It’s going to the Venice beach is one of the top things to do in la but it is very crowded on the weekends. So, exploring the beach other than weekends is a good idea.

Los Angeles City Travel Guide On Top Things To Do In LA

Los Angeles City Travel Guide On Top Things To Do In LA
  • Explore the extensive and picturesque shorelines of the beaches
  • Chill Out on Catalina Island
  • Spend a Day at Disneyland
  • Drive the Malibu Coast
  • Go shopaholic at the Grove or LA Farmers Market
  • Take a roller coaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountains
  • Say Hi to the iconic Hollywood Landmark
  • Take the Universal Studios’ Tour
  • Don’t forget to be at Venice Beach
  • Witness the Sunset Strip

So, now as you well versed with the city of Angeles, plan your next trip of the city and book cheap flights to Los Angeles to explore the Hollywood city.

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