When is Thanksgiving Day & Why is It Celebrated?

When is Thanksgiving Day & Why is It Celebrated?

As the name suggests, Thanksgiving is the day to show your gratitude, love, and thankfulness for everything and to everyone you love. Indeed, a great occasion to spend some quality time with family, friends, wear beautiful attires, toast wine, play flag football and taste mouth-watering roasted Turkey. But, do you know that this festival has its own historical significance as it was first acknowledged in October 1621, after the first harvest. It is popularly known as ‘The Blessing of the Harvest” as on this day people took the initiative to show thankfulness for the previous year harvest. However, in the U.S, the celebration often refers to a historical event when the English Colonists held a fantastic feast to show their gratitude, love and thankfulness to the Native Americans to begin a new life.

It is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November, and the day after Thanksgiving is popularly known as ‘Black Friday’ as the market opens on for Christmas Shopping. All you need to do is to plan a holiday to witness the charming scenarios of Thanksgiving Parade, decorated markets and dive deep into the glorious history of USA. Aren’t you craving and wish to witness something so alluring but the budget worries you? Do not worry as Delta Airlines is all set to provide you tickets at low fares, all you are expected to do is to book your tickets from Delta Airlines Reservations to get amazing deals and discount. Suppose you want to try something new and exhilarating in this Thanksgiving, you can check out some of the alluring destinations which would double your fun on this auspicious occasion.

Few Amazing Ideas To Make Your Thanksgiving Memorable

Travelling on Thanksgiving might double your excitement as you would get to perform all your traditional rituals whether it’s passing the pumpkin pie or tasting the mouth-watering roasted turkey and that too at exotic locations. Imagine playing incredible games and enjoying delicious dinner on with your loved ones at an alluring destination. Just make sure to check out the Delta Airlines Flights to book your tickets in advance to avoid any chaos in future. However, If you wish to enjoy your day at home, there are plenty of things you can do too. You can check out some of the great places and amazing things one could do on Thanksgiving.

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

This is America’s most-visited park, and truly it is one of a kind. This is a great point of attraction for the travel enthusiast as the astonishing scenes of beautiful snow-covered mountains with autumn leaves all around would leave you awe-struck. Imagine, trekking in the snow and then spending some quality time at Local Applewood farmhouse roasting Turkey and tasting mashed potatoes.

Arrange A Potluck Lunch at Your Home

If it’s Thanksgiving, nothing could stop you from inviting your gang at your home sweet home. Although, sometimes it becomes quite a hectic job to cook for everyone and so it is a great idea to try Potluck Lunch. In this way, everyone could help you out with cooking; it would make them feel involved as well as there is a variation in the menu.

Don’t Miss out to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Just like mashed potatoes and roasted Turkey, watching Parade on Thanksgiving would definitely make you feel nostalgic. The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was conducted in the year 1924; this was the day when more than 300 employees marched to 145th Street in New York from Convent Avenue. The colossal parade was filled with animals of Central Park Zoo. This is the beginning of festival months and holidays. Here, you would also get to witness the glimpse of Santa, which is a major attraction for children.

How Can You Miss Watching Football on Thanksgiving?

What could be better than tasty hot popcorn, roasted Turkey and watching football with your loved ones on Thanksgiving? Make sure you invite your friends and then you could sit and watch football for hours. If someone is not interested, to watch, you could simply place a bet and make healthy competition enjoyable.

Play Some Exciting Games with Your Fam-Jam

This is a fantastic idea to make everyone feel engaged. It is your responsibility to grab their attention and make them feel involved if you are inviting them. Make sure to prepare some of the exciting games for your pack. You can play popular games like Pumpkin Roll or Turkey Bowling to make your Thanksgiving LIT. Along with that, to break the stereotypes, you can also prefer travelling to some other beautiful destinations as well such as Montage Deer Valley, Castle Hill Inn or witness the tranquil scenarios of Miami Beach in Florida. Though, travelling demands prior preparations and so you are expected to book your Delta Airlines Tickets as it ensures to make your Thanksgiving a memorable one.

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