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All you need to know about Fort Lauderdale: A Handy Travel Guide:

Many of us must not have heard about this place, but this destination has got lots of things to do. You can enjoy the sunbathing along with water sports on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale, also those who are madly in love with nature and photography; they must visit the lush green gardens and parks. There are so many museums and every museum has its own concept. The museums are said to be “must-visit places” because it exhibits the culture, history, and art. It is said that Fort Lauderdale has matured to a destination after a long time since its foundation. It is one of the most sophisticated and mature places among others.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions of Fort Lauderdale:

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach- The picturesque beaches are one of the major attractions of Fort Lauderdale, and no one can afford to miss it. This beach is the best place for resting and enjoying the picture-perfect views of the sandy beaches and lush greenery.
  • Bonnet House Museum and Gardens- It is considered to be the most historic landmark where you can see the best fusion of art, architecture, history, and ecology. 
  • The Museum of Discovery and Science – You will come across various experiments and entertainment. The museum is majorly for children where they can learn and gain knowledge.
  • Antique Car Museum- This is one of the interesting and amazing museums amongst all, especially because it consists of a huge collection of antique cars of old times. You will witness the trends and changes in cars. 

This was just a glimpse of some tourist attractions which you might visit but there are other places on the list which demands your attention too and they are-

  • Las Olas Boulevard
  • Stranahan House
  • Hugh Taylor Birch
  • NSU Art Museum
  • Everglades Holiday Park

Airlines flying to Fort Lauderdale

There are some of the top-notch airlines which are providing the best services from comfortable seats to delicious meals which are prepared by chefs and other in-flight amenities. List of airlines are as follows-

  • Emirates
  • United
  • British Airways
  • Air Canada

Major Airports in Fort Lauderdale

There are some of the major airports which are hosting the best airlines. Not only this, the airports are well-equipped and organized. Here is the list of airports-

  • Miami International Airport
  • West Palm Beach International Airport
  • Bimini International Airport
  • Freeport Airport
  • Fort Myers Airport

What’s the weather like in Fort Lauderdale? Best Time to visit:

The weather forecast is a very important part when you are traveling to a new place. Make sure that you always make plans for trips according to the weather condition or else your trip might get ruined. If we talk about Fort Lauderdale, then the best time to visit is between December and April. During these months, the weather remains extremely pleasant, and it becomes easier for you to get indulge in outdoor activities.

How to Reach Fort Lauderdale?

The best and convenient way to reach Fort Lauderdale is via air. There are many top-notch airlines with their world-class services flying in and out of the city and well-managed airports.  After landing at the airport, public transport will make easier for travelers to take them to their respective destination with comfort.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Fort Lauderdale for the best deals?

Flying to Fort Lauderdale, then you need to make booking two months before the departure date. By booking tickets in advance you can get many benefits like the seat of your choice and much more.

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