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All you need to know about Salt Lake City: A Handy Travel Guide:

Salt Lake City is a very different place, which has the best blend of beauty, nature, and architecture. This place is more family-friendly, where you can explore attractive parks, temples, memorial and a lot more. The State Capitol building is the status symbol and the most iconic building. This building is located near to Temple Square, and also there are many other tourist attractions like the Marmalade Historic District. This place is a hidden gem where you can collect lots of happy moments and the best experiences of your life.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions of Salt Lake City

  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building- This is one of the tourist attractions which can pop out your eyes. This building is located in Temple Square. The building is decorated with marble columns, art glass, and a grand staircase.
  • Liberty Park- This place is just like its name, where you are free to do anything. It is the largest public park that has a pond, pool, and sports area. You can appreciate the combination of beauty and nature, lush green ground and fragrance of flowers.
  • Tracy Aviary- It is the most amazing part of Liberty Park, where you can view plenty of North American and other migratory birds.

Other than the above, there are other places, which are must-visit. And, these are:

  • Temple Square
  • Mormon Temple
  • Mormon Tabernacle
  • State Capitol
  • Heritage Park
  • Beehive House

Airlines flying to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the most populous city and many top-notch airlines fly to/from this place. Some of the airlines are listed below- 

  • Frontier
  • Delta
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines

Major Airports in Salt Lake City

There are some of the best airports which are serving some of the best airlines. The airports are as follows:

  • Salt Lake City International Airport
  • South Valley Regional Airport
  • Ogden- Hinckley Airport
  • Provo Airport

What’s the weather like in Salt Lake City? Best Time to visit:

It is very important to know the weather forecast of the place where you are staying and of the place where you want to go to. If you are planning to visit Salt Lake City then make sure that you visit during the fall months, which are (September and October) because at that time you will find less crowd. Don’t think of visiting during rains because it can make difficult for you to enjoy the outdoor activities.

How to Reach Salt Lake City?

The most convenient and easy way to reach Salt Lake City is by flight. There are many top-notch airlines and well-maintained airports. Also, you can get public transport without any difficulty.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Salt Lake City for the best deals?

Advance booking is always beneficial as it reduces the cost of the ticket. And also, you can get your favorite seat (near the window or mid-row). Booking tickets in advance can get you the best deals so that you can book a flight for Salt Lake City two months in advance.

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