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Aeromexico Airlines (AM) Flights

All you need to know about Aeromexico

Aeromexico is the flag carrier of Mexico and is one of the most popular airlines around the globe. The airline has a very wide coverage around the globe, including Europe, Asia, Central and the Caribbean. The main base and the hub of the airline is located in Mexico City and its secondary hub are located in Guadalajara and Monterrey. The airline has its headquarters in the financial district of Paseo de la Reforma. The airline is also one of the four founding member of the Sky Team airline alliance, along with Korean Air, Delta Airlines and Air France. The US carrier delta airlines is one of the close partners with Aeromexico and it owns a part of Aeromexico. The airline comes up with passenger loyalty programs from time to time and operates more than 600 flights on a daily basis. The airline extends its coverage in 89 cities across 3 continents, which includes 43 destinations in Mexico, 18 destinations in the United States, 4 destinations in Europe, 3 destinations in Canada and 3 destinations in Asia.

Aeromexico Airlines Classes of Services

Main Cabin

Main Cabin is the economy class of Aero Mexico. The passengers who need to reach the destination at a minimal cost,  and do not give a preference to the comfort of the journey, prefer to travel on the main cabin of Aeromexico. The services offered to the passengers of the main cabin are good and the passengers who have travelled in this class are always satisfied with the quality of their journey. Right from the beginning, a lot of care is taken to keep the passengers entertained and each seat is been equipped with video monitors. Therefore the passengers can enjoy the latest movies, videos and music. Special care is taken care to provide good food to all the passengers and hence our food menu contains a wide variety of dishes, depending on the priority of a traveler. We also serve a wide variety of beverages and passengers can consume them, any time during the flight. The power sockets are attached beneath the seats, and the electronic items can be charged over there.

AM Plus

The AM Plus Class is the business class of Aeromexico. The passengers of this class have to pay more as compared to the passengers of the main cabin, however they get an exceptional level of service and altogether it gets a memorable experience for them. The meals provided under this class are very delicious and they are monitored and prepared by the world class chefs. Tantalizing drinks and beverages are served, which gives an ultimate experience to all our passengers. Alcoholic drinks are also served and there is no limit to the quantity of consumption. The seats provided under this class ensure an extra bit of comfort and they are wider in size with good quality material used for its preparation. These seats provide more recline and provide an extra bit of comfort, because they can be converted to fully flat beds.

Clase Premier

Clase Premier is the First Class service of Aeromexico. This class id being designed for  the elite class of the society, the people who can pay a premium amount to ensure high level of comforts to their journey. Menus of this class are designed by the world class chefs and passengers have an access to a fully fledged bar with a plenty of snacks which are always available on the flights. A variety of beverages are served which includes alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Passengers get our chase premium onboard magazine and also a separate magazine on the destination review and lifestyle guide.

Aeromexico Airlines Baggage policy

Aeromexico Airlines Carry-On Allowance:

Passengers of main cabin are allowed to carry one carry-on baggage and the passengers of and the passengers of AM plus and clase premier are allowed to carry two pieces of carry on baggage. Each piece of carry-on baggage can measure up to 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm).

Aeromexico Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance:

  • Passengers of main cabin are allowed to carry one checked baggage, which should not exceed 25 kilograms in weight.  It should not exceed the linear dimensions of 62"(158 cm).
  • Passengers of Clase Premier are allowed to carry two pieces of checked bags and each bag should not exceed a maximum weight limit of 66 lbs/32 kg max. Maximum linear dimensions for each checked bag should not exceed  62"(158 cm).

In-flight amenities

Aeromexico pays a lot of attention to improve its services and provide the best in-flight amenities to all its passengers. TV screens are attached to each seat and passengers may enjoy the latest videos and music and arrangements are made with personal audio players along with noise cancelling headphones. A wide variety of meal options are available and special arrangements are made for the sick passengers. Meals are prepared keeping in mind, the needs of different passengers. These meals are carefully monitored and prepared by best chefs in the world. Internet facilities are provided to enhance the onboard experience of the passengers.

Aeromexico Airlines Check-in options

Online check-in:

Passengers can make use of the latest technology and use internet to make an online check-in. The online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight departure.

Mobile check-in:

Passengers may use their mobile handsets to make an online check-in.

Airport Self Serve Kiosk:

Passengers, who cannot make an online check-in can make a check-in at the airport.

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