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All Nippon Airways (NH) Flights

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Headquartered in Shiodome City Center in Tokyo, Japan, All Nippon Airways is considered to be the second-largest airline of Japan. Offering its service to more than 80 domestic and international destinations, the airline was founded in the year 1952. Consecutively for the fifth time, All Nippon Airways accolade as a five-star airline for promising passengers with extraordinary service and comfort. 

The passengers can book All Nippon Airways flight tickets for First Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class; each better than the other respectively.

The airline has also developed a Mileage Program, dedicated to frequent travelers. One can take the benefits of this program by joining the All Nippon Airways Mileage Club. The Mileage Program would let the passengers crack the better and worthy All Nippon Airways Deals.

In-flight amenities and services

  • Passengers will be served food prepared by the master chefs.
  • Passengers will also be provided the high speed.
  • Health and hygiene is the main focal point for children and elder people.
  • Passengers can also enjoy the source of entertainment.
  • The airline offers a large number of collection of goods.

All Nippon Airways Baggage allowance

Checked-in baggage

International Flights
  • Different classes of passengers are allowed to carry different weights of bags.
  • The bag weight for economic class passengers should be 23kg.
  • For business class passengers the maximum bag weight is allowed 32kg.
  • The first-class passengers are allowed to carry the bag weight 32kg.
Domestic Flights
  • For economy class, passengers are free to carry maximum weight 20kg.
  • The economic Premium class is allowed to carry the weight limit until 40kg.

Carry-on baggage

International Flights
  • The maximum bag weight carried by passengers is 10kg.
Domestic Flights
  • The baggage must carry 10kg of weight age.

All Nippon Check-in

The check-in time is before the 24 hours before the departure time.

Web check-in

The online Check-in time is 24 hours before the departure time. This also helps in reducing the waste of time. All Nippon Airways do seat reservation and keep the passengers up to date with the latest flight information.

Airport check-in

In International Flights, the airport check-in time is 30 minutes before the departure, whereas in domestic flights the airport check-in time is 20 minutes before the departure.

All Nippon Airways fleets

Airbus A320-200
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-700ER
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 767-300ER

Airports served by All Nippon Airways

  • Narita International Airport
  • Tokyo International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Osaka International Airport
  • Chubu Centrair International Airport
  • Naha Airport
  • New Chitose Airport
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