What Items Are Not Allowed In Hand Luggage

What Items Are Not Allowed In Hand Luggage

Traveling via flight is not as simple as traveling via trains; it has specific guidelines and rules for almost everything. In addition, if you do not follow them point-by-point, you will not be allowed to board the flight. Unbelievably, there is a complete list of things not allowed in the plane, and if by chance, it is found in security check, you will stopped and the items will be taken out.  If you are one of them who does not have a clear idea about the items not allowed in flight, this blog is a must-read for you. Here, we have tried to enlist the complete answer for the query related to what items are not allowed in hand luggage. Make sure, before you do the packing, read this blog thoroughly and follow the points given here. So, you should know about things Items Are Not Allowed In Hand Luggage.

Items not allowed in-flight:

To be honest, you are not permitted to carry any of the objects that can harm you or any other passenger by any means. Therefore, things that are not allowed include the following:

Sharp Objects: Any object that is sharp and edgy which includes box cutters, knives, razors, and blades are not allowed in plane. Yes, certain tools that are smaller and are not sharp are allowed.

Sports Items: The sports items needs to be checked.  In addition, only after proper permission, it is allowed. In most cases, the permission is given for the checked baggage.

Self-defense Items: Be it pepper spray, brass knuckles, or any other similar self-defense items are not allowed in the baggage. In special cases, only after proper security checks, it is permitted to the passengers.

Alcohol:Passengers are only allowed to take up to five liters of adult beverages. In addition, it can be only carried if the bottle is sealed.

Guns: It can be carried as per the airline-specific rule. Well-packaged ammunition can be carried only after the permission in the checked-baggage. Moreover, it needs to be declared at the time of the security check-in.

Things not allowed in-plane (Strictly Prohibited 🙂

The lists of above-given items are not allowed; however, they can be carried under special circumstances. Nevertheless, there are other items that are strictly prohibited in the airplane; and it is better if you leave them at home. Here, we have mentioned the list for the same:

Flammable substance: Be it gasoline, flammable fluids, fuels, and lighter, or any other flammable substance are not allowed in-plane, at all cost and circumstances. Therefore, it is better if you do not carry them; or else it will be confiscated.

Explosive Items: No passenger, in any situation, is allowed to carry fireworks, flares, dynamite, or substances of similar kinds. If by chance, anyone is found with explosive items, not only the items will the item is confiscated, but also there are chances of detainment.

Chemicals: Tear gas, chlorine, fire extinguishers, bleach, or other chemical items are also strictly prohibited, and it is not allowed.

So, next time when you are packing for the flight, make sure that you do not carry these items; or else, your products might be confiscated. So, beware!

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