Why Jamaica Is Best Vacation Place For You?

Why Jamaica Is Best Vacation Place For You?

Jamaica should be your next holiday destination if you’re ever looking for a spot of sunshine, happiness and an adventure. For so many reasons, the stunning island has become a popular holiday destination in the western hemisphere. Meat, beaches and music are just some of the reasons why tourists around the world are excited to travel. So, get to know Why Jamaica Is Best Vacation Place For You?

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Explore Jamaica

Jamaica offers a vast expanse of amazing white sandy beaches, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The island boasts some of the Caribbean’s most stunning beaches with sparkling blue seas and lovely sunsets. Many beaches lie in green gardens and woodland or connected to cliffs, making them the best spot for relaxing. Regardless of which coast you visit, it will undoubtedly surprise you.

One of Jamaica’s significant aspects is that you can visit the beach nearly all year long. In Jamaica, tourists flock to the island at an average temperature of 81 ° F, particularly in Winter, so they can take a towel and relax at the beach. The Blue Mountains provide a more calming and colder climate, while the majority of the island is humid.


The tropical, delicious cuisine of Jamaica is known worldwide. The island is home to the most popular Jamaican meal of the world, jerk chicken. Jamaica has popularised beef patties and exposed Jamaican national dish Ackee and Saltfish to the world. You will also find a unique mixture of fruit, vegetables and seafood.

You will find a street dance in Jamaica any day of the week. Street dances are an essential part of the culture of dancehalls. Sound systems are developed in small groups by a D.J. from the city. The song is playing as local people, and visitors dress up and dance, love the music and mix. There are big live reggae shows that occur throughout the year if you’re not in the dancehall. Reggae lovers have held rebel salutes, reggae sumfest and other ethnic exhibits.

In Jamaica, water sports and events are open for anyone, regardless of whether you are a native marine adventurer or an outsider to the sea. The most popular water activities among guests are snorkelling, and scuba diving offered in almost all-inclusive resorts. Jamaican seas are also not ignored by surfers. The extraordinary tides are an incredible adventure for inexperienced and seasoned surfers. Guests also have the opportunity to swim with horses in Jamaica.

Jamaica’s Blue Ranges are on the eastern half of the island’s tallest mountain range. Nice, exuberant greenery and comfortable cottages feature the Blue Mountains for those who want to get out of the city’s chaos. The Bluer Mountain hills, the birthplace of the world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee, are also an excellent location for hiking and camping.

Some Major Tourist Attractions are:

  • Bob Marley Museum
  • Dunn’s River Falls
  • Blue Mountains
  • Doctors cave
  • Rose Hall

What is the Best Time to Visit Jamaica?

November to mid-December is the perfect time to visit Jamaica. That’s when the beautiful weather on the island is the most comfortable and easiest to find in hotel and flight offers with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to high-80s all year round. Tariffs often come cheaper in summer, but in the hurricane season, you face the wrath. The peak season on the island is January-March.

What are The Major Airports in Jamaica?

Being a major tourist destination home to people travelling from around the world, Jamaica has both domestic and international airports which are well equipped with the latest technological advancements and facilities to help provide a safe and sound trip. While travelling to Jamaica, you’re most likely to land on these airports:

  • Norman Manley International Airport    
  • Sangster International Airport
  • Ian Fleming International Airport                         
  • Tinson Pen Aerodrome              
  • Negril Aerodrome                       
  • Ken Jones Aerodrome

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